MPD: On-duty security guard arrested for stealing money from job seeker using CashApp


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A security guard was cuffed and carried away after police said she stole money using an app.   

At first detectives said she did not confess right away. But when police plugged her phone number into CashApp, it revealed the same user name from the victim’s fraudulent charges.

WREG-TV spoke with the victim who said the fact she was on duty when this allegedly happened makes things worse.

 It is a case that is so surprising and so strategic, it left the victim shocked.

“It’s just kind of strange to me,” the victim said.

You might just have a similar reaction when you hear what allegedly happened, to land Tiffany Chism behind bars.

“I never met her before, that was my first time going to the building,” the victim said.

The man on the phone told us he never thought meeting Chism, a security guard at the Amazon facility, would result in missing money.

“I get into the building and I met with security,” the victim said.

While going through the line, he said Chism volunteered to help him fill out an employment verification form on his phone.

“In my mind I was thinking maybe she is trying to help, you know,” the victim said.

Although it gave him pause, he proceeded. It wasn’t until a recruiter asked for the appointment invite that the victim noticed something else in his email. 

A message from CashApp, he told us verifying a recent transaction.

“Money that I sent. I said ‘no, no I didn’t send money to nobody,'” the victim said.

The victim said it was $700 total, although police said one transaction may not have gone through. The victim made a beeline to the security desk to confront the security officer.

“She said ‘who is the lady?’ And I pointed to the lady, in front of her like she is the one who was taking people’s phone trying to help them out,” the victim said.

Instead the 25-year old is accused of helping herself to other people’s money.

The victim told us, one of Chism’s downfalls was trying to pull off such an egregious crime, at a facility full of cameras at nearly every turn he described.  In fact, when police asked loss prevention to review the footage, according to detectives, Chism was seen on video using the victims phone.

It was later when detectives said she then gave a full confession.

“I saw when they put her inside the car, and I followed them to downtown,” the victim said.

Chism was later taken to Jail East where she’s facing several charges for theft and fraud.

We left a message for Tiffany Chism, who has been released from jail. We will let you know if she responds. The 25-year-old is scheduled for court Monday morning.

As for the victim, he tells us he is still working to recoup his money.

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