More than 120 homes damaged by flooding last week in Mississippi


ATTALA COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) released a preliminary report about the significant flash flooding event that started on June 8, 2021. Leaders said 121 homes, 11 businesses and 136 public roads and buildings have been damaged or affected by the flooding.

One of those county’s affected is Quitman County where flooding is still a real threat.

It’s a soggy walk for the Moorehead’s. Their home on Locke Station Road in Quitman County is un-liveable and is a casualty of last weeks seemingly endless rainfall.

“It wouldn’t stop. I mean it came and left. It came and left. You think it’s gonna go and not come back but the last time it started. It didn’t stop,” said Carl Moorehead.

And that’s left the Moorehead’s with a mountain of repairs that will cost, who knows what?

“We’re talkin’ walls, floor, I got my appliances up. I had them “jacked up” where they okay,” said Moorehead.

Moorehead figures he had about 10 inches of water in his home. It’s the result of the Coldwater River, which is six miles west of here, overflowing its banks and pushing water across low lying areas.

A weather event that dropped 18 inches of rain in a 36 hour period which force the Coldwater River to rise just over it’s 39 foot flood stage.

Some folks who live in Quitman County have come to expect the high water.

“It’s a yearly thing. When it comes with a tremendous amount of rain in that short a time it’s gonna flood out and just about everywhere,” said Henry Raybon, a resident of Quitman County.

On Monday, a member of the Red Cross was in the field checking with residents who may have property damage as a result of high water.

Farmers who have suffered losses can report through the county Farm Service Agency. Neighbors can self-report damage to county emergency management agencies through MEMA’s self-reporting tool.

MEMA has received preliminary damage reports from the following counties:

  • Attala County:
    • Homes Impacted: 3
    • Roads Impacted: 29
    • Businesses Impacted: 1
  • Chickasaw County:
    • Roads Impacted: 10
  • Coahoma County:
    • Homes Impacted: 1
    • Roads Impacted: 10
    • Businesses Impacted: 1
  • Grenada County:
    • Homes Impacted: 13
    • Public Buildings/Utilities Impacted: 2
  • Issaquena County:
    • Homes Impacted: 13
    • Public Building: 1
    • Businesses Impacted: 1
  • Lafayette County:
    • Homes Impacted: 4
    • Roads/Utilities Impacted: 14
    • Businesses Impacted: 6
  • Lee County:
    • Homes Impacted: 18
    • Roads Impacted: 2
  • Oktibbeha County:
    • Homes Impacted: 1
    • Public Building Impacted: 1
    • Businesses Impacted: 1
  • Panola County:
    • Roads Impacted: 23
  • Tallahatchie County:
    • Homes Impacted: 50
    • Roads Impacted: 5
  • Quitman County:
    • Homes Impacted: 12
    • Roads Impacted: 36
    • Businesses Impacted: 1
  • Yalobusha County:
    • Homes Impacted: 6
    • Roads Impacted: 3

During damage assessments, crews will inspect homes based on the following criteria set by FEMA:

Courtesy: MEMA

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