Mississippi elections: New mayor in Olive Branch, maybe in Coldwater too


DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — There are new faces in public office following Tuesday’s elections in Mississippi.

There is a new mayor in Olive Branch and a close race in Coldwater looks to unseat that town’s mayor of eight years.

Ken Adams spent a good part of Wednesday collecting his campaign signs after claiming victory in his run for the office of Mayor of Olive Branch.

“Our people worked tirelessly yesterday, just like they did through the entire process,” Adams said. “I was victorious, 67.2 percent of the vote and just very pleased with that. The turnout was a record turnout.” 

Adams will replace Mayor Scott Phillips, who held the seat since 2013 but did not seek re-election.

Adams, who will be sworn in July 1, takes the helm as Olive Branch is annexing 18.5 square miles in Desoto County, adding approximately 6,700 citizens. It’s an issue Adams admits that had strong oposition.

“I understand both sides of the equation,” he said. “Very candidly, that process started two and half years ago, a long time before the mayor’s race began. But my goal is to serve all the citizens of Olive Branch, whether they were in the previous Olive Branch or whether they’re in the new annexed area.”

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It also appears there will be a new mayor in the Tate County town of Coldwater following Tuesday’s election.

Vice Mayor Glenn Billingsley is claiming victory over Mayor Jesse Edwards, who’s been in public office for some 40 years. Billingsley said he had 327 votes, versus 298 for Edwards.

Billingsley, who served as a volunteer firefighter and police officer, admits the count was close. He will have to wait five days for votes and absentee ballots to be certified, but he claims victory.

He says he’s anxious to take office July 1 and says voters support his vision and are ready to see the current mayor replaced.

“I think he’s done a great job. We just have different visions,” Billingsley said. “I’ve been right along side him for the past four years as vice mayor, but I’ve got a vision I really want to explore.”

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