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MILLINGTON, Tenn. — Two Millington residents were arrested after deputies discovered a possible case of child sexual abuse and neglect.

Dallas Hogue is charged with rape of a child while Moriana Stewart is charged with child abuse and neglect after two children showed up at a business on Raleigh Millington Road alone. The children said they ran away and were heading to their grandmother’s house because they were being whipped.

One of the children also said Hogue was raping him. Bruises were found on both children.

A third child was located at the couple’s home, which deptuies said was “filthy with garbage, bugs, and animal feces.” That child also told deputies Hogue was raping her.

Neighbors said the couple has lived at their home for around four years and said the moment they moved in, they knew something was wrong.

“Something was off. It’s not quite right,” said one person.

“The smaller ones were in dirty diapers and nothing else. No clothes or anything. Just walking around with dirty diapers on.”

DCS was called and the children are in their custody.