MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Blytheville Police Department released video Friday of a carjacking and double shooting that happened Tuesday afternoon along the on-ramp to I-55 South.

The incident started on South Division & Kari Lane when the driver of a pickup truck stopped to adjust the load he was carrying on a trailer.

It ended a couple of hundred feet away with a crash and shooting, and the whole thing was captured on a SkyCop Camera.

In the video, you can see a man walk up to the driver of the pickup. The two talk and it even appears like the man is helping the driver.

About ten minutes later, both men get into the pickup truck and head toward I-55. As the truck pulls toward the on-ramp, it crashes into a sign and then crashes into a ditch.

A few minutes later, you can see at least four shots fired inside the truck’s cab and then smoke at the rear of the vehicle.

At that point, a truck driver and at least two other motorists stop to see what’s going on.

Police said the man who got into the pickup truck shot the driver while trying to carjack him.

They said the carjacker also attacked a Good Samaritan who stopped to help, and the Good Samaritan pulled out his own gun and shot the alleged assailant.

The victim of the attempted carjacking and the alleged attacker were both transported to the hospital.

Police said the carjacker is the only one facing any charges.