MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Law enforcement from Little Rock, Arkansas said in a press release Saturday they are investigating after an armed incident over the weekend lead to an officer involved shooting.

In a press release, the Mayor of Little Rock Frank Scott Jr. said that the officer involved was the Chief of Police, Chief Humphrey.

The mayor said in Saturday’s press release, “This is in an unprecedented situation because it involves our chief of police. In our ongoing efforts to remain accountable, clear and transparent, we have asked the Arkansas State Police to investigate both incidents, and they have agreed.”

Mayor Scott said Assistant Chief Crystal Hawkins is now acting Chief of Police.

Arkansas State Police said that around 9 PM Chief Humphrey witnessed a fight outside a crowded gas station convenience store.

Police said that as he responded, a man identified as Taz Hayes fired a shot into the disturbance and left one person critically wounded.

According to the press release, Chief Humphrey then fired his pistol at Hayes. However, Hayes was not injured and was taken into custody.

Police said they are collecting evidence from the scene, including a bullet recovered from inside a vehicle, to determine if that was the shot fired by the officer.

Special Agents with the Arkansas State Police are continuing their investigating into this matter.

Hayes has been charged with first degree battery and is being held at the Pulaski County Detention Center.