WEINER, Ark. — Three Poinsett County deputies were sent to the hospital Tuesday after possible contact with Fentanyl while searching a house, sheriff said.

Sheriff Kevin Molder said three deputies were assisting the Weiner Police Department with a search warrant.

Police Chief Jim Neeley says this “joint” operation is pretty common.

“Weiner’s a small town and we utilize the Sheriff’s Office for help when we have projects such as that,” he said.

But this routine call turned potentially hazardous when three Deputies started getting sick after possibly coming in contact with Fentanyl.

Weiner fire and rescue, first responders, and paramedics responded after the deputies radioed for help when they started experiencing symptoms.

“I think they were probably scared as much as anything. Their blood pressures were elevated some…heart rates was elevated some. A lot of it adrenaline rush I’m sure was part of it,” said Weiner Fire Chief David Schwarz.

Fortunately, the three deputies were able to immediately administer Narcan to themselves to reverse the effects of the drug.

All three deputies were transported to NEA hospital in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

We’re told the substance that made Deputies sick is being tested to determine if it is indeed Fentanyl.

The Police Chief says the incident is a wakeup call for this community.

“Just because it’s happening in Jonesboro or Memphis doesn’t mean it’s not going to filter down,” Chief Neeley said.

Three suspects that were inside the house were arrested.

Chisom Flemon, Levi Flemon and Cody Lisko all face a variety of drug charges including possession of meth and cocaine.

The three suspects are each being held on a 125 thousand dollar bond and are scheduled to be back in court in December.

As for the three deputies, the sheriff said they were transported to NEA hospital in Jonesboro, Arkansas and have been released.

He said they are all doing okay at this time.