MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Paula Hardman is one of the thousands of people who benefit from the Mid-South Food Bank. She lives at home with her husband. Both are seniors relying on disability.

WREG met the Berclair woman when she came to the city-wide feeding day to get food as well as another supply that people don’t talk about as much.

“I’m hoping to get some pads; incontinence pads,” she said.

In fact, the Food Bank’s diaper bank has been around for three years, providing pads, period supplies and baby diapers through partner organizations throughout the Mid-South. Director Shari Douglas said it came about due to the needs of babies, young women and adults.

“There was a severe need. You had a lot of people not able to go to work because they had to send their children to daycare because they couldn’t afford extra diapers. A lot of girls couldn’t go to school because they didn’t have period supplies,” Douglas said.

She said diapers for one child can cost up to $100 a month and keep families from being able to purchase other necessary items like food and medicine.

Hardman knows all too well the cost of these supplies for adults.

“They’re expensive. When you live on very little, have to pay rent and everything else, this is going to help,” she said of the supplies in the diaper bank. “I didn’t know it was available for anything but babies so as an adult needing adult products it’s amazing to find out that’s something they provided.”