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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local musician who is getting ready to make a cross-country tour will now have to do it without his signature vintage guitar.

Tav Falco traveled the world performing over the last several decades. He did it all with his signature electric guitar.

“My vintage Hofner guitar was made in Germany. I’ve been playing it for 37 years. This Hofner guitar, solid black, was my voice… my instrumental voice.”

The Arkansas native now lives in Europe, but he still calls Memphis home.

At least one of his band mates lives in Midtown. That’s why he was in town this week, to rehearse at his apartment before they hit the road.

They planned to head out Monday morning.

“We start in San Francisco, then go to West Hollywood, then San Diego,” Falco said.

He said they had their minivan parked outside his apartment with all of their stuff on the sidewalk when they suddenly noticed a bird inside the unit.

“We all went inside and tried to shoot it. It took them five minutes. When I got back on the curb, I had my things lined up on the curb to put on the van, everything had vanished. All of our stuff was gone,” Falco said.

“That’s so fast. Wow. That’s really nuts and really scary,” neighbor Jamie Wells said.

Falco said they called police, but there wasn’t much they could do. He says Lansky’s gave him some new clothes and Xanadu guitar shop helped him find a replacement online for $2,000.

“I’m not bitter about what happened. I am concerned about the desperate conditions people live in our city,” he said.

Still, he said he’s grateful for the help and support he has gotten and knows the show must go on.

If you have seen the vintage black Hofner electric guitar or any of the other belongings contact Memphis Police.

Tav Falco and his band are set to play Lafayette’s Music Room in Overton Square on May 21.