Memphis mother says mold-filled apartment is making her and her 3-year-old son sick


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South mother is reaching out for help after months of dealing with mold in her apartment.

She didn’t want to be identified but lives at the El Dorado apartments off Ketchum Road.

“I mean it’s been awful. I haven’t been at peace at all,” she said.

She says she started noticing issues in her unit back in June. She sent her leasing office an email on June 22 asking for someone to come out.

She says nothing has been done since then.

“They have sent someone out. They sprayed bleach on the walls but that’s it,” she said.

As the leaks and mold have spread to other parts of her apartment, she’s been sleeping in the living room with her young son.

“The bathroom is horrible. It’s molded,” she said. “I have a 3-year-old. He’s constantly getting sick.”

She sent another email to leasing office just yesterday expressing how overwhelming these issues are and asking for another unit.

“It’s just devastating. It feels like she doesn’t care,” she said. “Why should I have to pay rent if I’m living in this condition. What’s so hard about getting me another unit?”

WREG went to the leasing office and were greeted with a sign saying it was closed due to COVID. We called the number on the door, and the voicemail box was full.

A manager responded via email saying it’s being taken care of, but the tenant said that hasn’t happened yet.

She continues to feel unsafe in her own home.

“I’m getting sick at home because of the mold,” she said.

We reached out to the city about code enforcement violations and were told this property is already in environmental court.

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