MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man faces serious charges after police say he tried to sell a house he was only renting.

Investigators say Frederick Hill pretended to own the property on South Willett in Midtown. They say Hill pretended to be his landlord and started negotiating with a buyer to purchase the property for $58,000.

Police say he never had the paperwork to back up his lies, but that didn’t stop him from taking some elaborate steps. They said he even hired a lawyer to draw up the purchase agreement, but when that attorney asked Hill for the proper paperwork, he couldn’t prove he was the homeowner.

Hill got into serious trouble when the buyer made contact with the actual homeowner, who called police. Investigators haven’t said how the buyer and real owner met.

“I just think this is so Memphis,” said Linda Williams, who lives across the street and said Hill has rented the house for years. “People try to get over on people, they try to play the system. I’m not surprised at all.”

Williams said she’d called Code Enforcement on the house before, but was told it was vacant.

The attempted phony sale happened back in August, according to court records, but Hill wasn’t arrested until two days ago — weeks after the attorney he hired identified him in a photo lineup.

His list of charges include criminal impersonation and attempted property theft.

Hill was released from jail on his own recognizance, so WREG went to the home to see if he was there. No one answered the door. He is due in court Friday.

The actual homeowner said she has no comment.