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(Memphis) After five years of competing in the Memphis in May BBQ Fest competition, The People’s Republic of Swina is a top contender.

The team came in 2nd this year in the shoulder category.

But now they are blowing smoke over the the theft of the teams $20,000 team trailer.

Sunday, it was discovered missing from behind a business off East Shelby Drive where it was stored.

“The gate had been broken into and we had a big lock on the hitch. We are not sure how they got to that. We are not sure if it’ s someone that’s seen it before because it’s hard to see back in that gated area,” said Bowen Cook from The People’s Republic of Swina.

Right now, the team doesn’t have any leads but they are hoping surveillance footage will help police track down the thieves.

The trailer was last seen Friday.

Cook said the trailer was well equipped.

“It’s like 16 feet long. It’s got two giant cookers on it, it’s got a refrigerator, counter space and cabinets that were all custom-made,” said Bowen.  “I’m hoping it’s still in tact so someone would see it. I’m scared to death they are going to chop it all up, selling it for scrap  metal.”

The team not only competes but cooks for paid events and donates its time around town.

“We love to give back and we enjoy doing that which is kind of devastating that we don’t have a grill to do it with,” added Cook.

The team is offering a$1,000 reward for the trailer and all of the contents. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.