Memphis grandmother on crusade against violence after grandson’s killing


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — To date in 2021, Memphis Police say they have seen 171 murders, compared to 181 this same time last year. Many of those cases, are still open and being investigated. 

One grandmother, whose teenaged family member was victimized by violence, is desperate for answers.

“These babies deserve to live. Braylon deserved to live,” said Sarah Carpenter, a longtime community activist who advocated for other children but never thought violence would come to her front door.

That’s what happened when her 17-year-old grandson Braylon Murray was gunned down earlier this month outside this North Memphis car wash along North Hollywood.  The attacker was bold, striking in broad daylight.

“If it happened to Braylon in broad daylight and other children, guess what? They don’t care who they get,” Carpenter said.

 Now she is a grandmother is on a mission, a crusade that she is loud and clear about, in the search for the trigger man.

“I fear no man today because of what happened to Braylon,” she said. “I will turn anybody in, I don’t care, I don’t care.”

Memphis Police said Braylon’s is one of 82 unsolved murders this year alone, which is why those like Carpenter are doing everything they can to get justice for her grandson and peace for herself.

However, the still grieving grandmother is concerned the uptick in crime will cause her grandsons case to get lost in the shuffle, considering there have been 171 murders this year with nearly half still being investigated. But, she is undeterred.

“We have to start getting in good trouble, like John Lewis said. Nothing wrong with getting in good trouble,” Carpenter said.

It begins with speaking up, she says.

“If you see something, you got to say something. And parents, we have to step our game up.”

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