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(Memphis) The worst drivers in Tennessee live right here in Memphis.

That’s according to a new study by Allstate Insurance which claims you are more likely to get in a wreck in Memphis, than any other part of the Tennessee.

“People do not pay attention. That`s the main reason. People do not pay attention,” said Makayla Richmond.

Jackie Balser drives a school bus for a living.

After seeing thousands of you drive over the years, she thinks some of you must have a death wish, “They are crazy.  I mean especially if you`re going to pull out in front of something that big and that bright knowing I can`t stop that quick. So yeah, people are crazy.”

Crazy seems to be the description of the day for Memphis drivers. 

In the Bluff City, the average person gets in a wreck about once a decade. 

The national average is once ever twelve years.

“Memphis drivers for some reason will cut you off. They don’t like to use their signals which are a big problem here in Memphis. They’ll just come right over on you. There’s just no respect pretty much,” said Memphis driver Carlos Simmons.

Knoxville drivers are ranked the safest in Tennessee.

The study found that Washington D.C. is the most dangerous city to drive in, there you are 100 times more likely to get in a car accident. 

And if it’s safe roads you’re after, you should go to Souix Falls, South Dakota where their drivers have been named the safest.