Deputies: Marshall County man put rat poison in girlfriend’s sweet tea

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — A Mississippi man was taken to jail after he allegedly spiked his girlfriend’s iced tea with rat poison.

Melvin Moore of Red Banks was charged with attempted murder in Marshall County.

The victim’s daughter told WREG she was relieved her mom was safe, and Moore was behind bars.

“I’m glad he’s in jail because he can’t hurt my momma anymore. And she doesn’t have to worry about bumping into him on the street or anything,” said the daughter of the intended victim.

We agreed not to reveal the teenager’s identity.

She told us she couldn’t believe the man who had a lengthy relationship with her mother allegedly put rat poison in her iced tea.

“I was just shocked because I been knowing him for so long. He’s been around for almost five years. And for him to do something like that just shocked me,” she said.

Marshall County investigators said what happened in the house on Red Banks Road was nothing short of bizarre.

Captain Jason Mills with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department said he thought he’d seen it all during his years in law enforcement.

“I’ve been in this for 19 years, and I think this is about the first one that I’ve had,” he said.

Captain Mills would not discuss a motive, but said the victim and  Moore had been through some domestic issues.

Deputies said Moore brought the victim a can of iced tea, but after a few sips she called deputies when she noticed a “funny taste.”

“So when she got to inspecting her drink, she realized there  was something that looked like rat poison or something of that nature in her drink,” said Capt.  Mills.

Mills described  Moore as cooperative when deputies arrived at the house on April 6th.

“Then he was taken in custody and brought to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, where he remains in custody,” he said.

The woman declined to go to the hospital, and we were told she went back at work and was feeling better.

But her daughter realized things could have ended tragically.

“She could have went to sleep and I couldn’t have her here today with me. So the fact that he’s in jail, I’m really happy that we know where he’s at,” said the daughter.

Moore’s bond was set at $750 thousand.

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