RIPLEY, Tenn. — Ue’londa Stone never imagined she would be in the hospital recovering from six gunshot wounds.

She claims her ex-boyfriend, Mark Taylor, Jr. shot her multiple times.

Ripley police issued aggravated kidnapping and attempted first degree murder warrants for Taylor’s arrest. He was captured Monday in Ripley, Tennessee, authorities said. 

“He was always a jealous person, we always fought,” Stone said. “I’m in fear for my life, my kids life, my mom’s life.”

Stone said they met when she was only 14 years old, and she said they’ve had a rocky relationship ever since.

Last month she took her three kids and moved in with her mother. Things took a turn for the worse on October 27.

“Three o’clock in the morning, I come outside for work, and he jumped out of the brushes and he held me at gunpoint and forced me in my car,” she said.

Stone said then, they drove down rural county roads.

“I asked him are you really going to kill me in the dark on a dark road,” Stone said.

Stone said she was able to convince Taylor to take her to work. Once he left she called Ripley police and reported the incident.

According to court records, the very next day Taylor showed up at Stone’s mother’s house again.

“He jumped out of the brushes in all black and gunpoint, he said, ‘b**** you thought I was playing with you,’” Stone said.

“He started shooting. I felt the first shot and I started hollering,” Stone said.

Clark said Taylor shot her in front on their two small kids.

“He was still firing more shots, and then I felt a shot, he hit me in my side and then I fell in the ditch and then he came back over and he shot me again,” Stone recounted.

Clarks said she was shot in the wrist, arm, back, stomach and chest, striking just inches from her heart.

She fears if Taylor wasn’t captured soon he’d strike again.

“I believe that he will try to kill everybody in my family. I believe that he would try to kill one of my kids,” Stone told us.