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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The family of a retired National Guardsman who was shot and killed on Thanksgiving is looking for answers.

Memphis police say someone forced their way into the 68-year-old’s Parkway Village home on Thanksgiving morning, killed Wong and took off with the family’s Mini Van.

Now, Wong’s family is desperate for answers.

Kim Wong doesn’t understand why someone wold kill her father.

“For someone to just come in and kill a person for a van is just crazy,” said Wong’s daughter. “I am just so angry that these people came in and did this to us and put us in this situation. We are just trying to pick up the pieces.”

Family members say Wong was a cancer survivor and had recently finished a round of radiation. He didn’t have the energy to go out for Thanksgiving dinner, so he stayed home instead.

When his family returned home two hours later, they found the retired Tennessee National Guardsman lying dead on the floor next to the back door that had been forced open.

“It’s almost like they followed him back in after he went outside to get the paper,” said Wong’s daughter, Kim. “You took a father. You took my children’s grandfather. You took my mother’s husband.”

Homicide detectives say they found Wong’s van two days later on Myrtle Drive, and officers say physical evidence that was left in the van could lead them to Wong’s killer.

“This is completely senseless,” said Lt. Tony Mullins with the Memphis Police Department. “This man was not in the best of health. He was older. This person is not going to hurt you. He probably would have given you the keys, just to be safe. They did not have to shoot him.”

Wong’s daughter just wants justice for her father. “They are going to get caught. They are going to slip up, and the officers will find DNA evidence,” said Kim. “I want them behind bars, and I hope it`s for a very long time.”

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.