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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Emma Mallory’s life has been on a non-stop emotional roller-coaster for six years.

Her brother, Tony McKenzie, was gunned down and left for dead in August of 2012. Officers say the shooting happened at the corner of 18th and Harrison Street.

“I was hurt. I was mad,” Mallory said. “It hurts so bad like it just happened yesterday.”

Detectives say when they arrived on the scene, McKenzie was already dead.

His sister has spent the last six years praying that someone would be charged with her brother’s murder. But that hasn’t happened, leaving her family to relive the painful anniversary of her brother’s dead every year without any closure.

“They have destroyed my whole family. The suspect took something from us that they can’t give us back,” she said.

The West Memphis Police Department says McKenzie’s shooter wanted wanted him dead, because he was shot a dozen times.

“Someone physically stood over him and shot him multiple times,” a detective said.

They say the shooting likely stemmed from a robbery or possible drug deal gone bad.

Witnesses reported seeing a green or blue Buick speed away from the area after the shooting. Several people were questioned, but they didn’t have enough evidence to charge anyone.

“We felt like there was more information in that area, in that neighborhood, than we were given,” a detective said.

That evidence could have helped authorities put the shooter behind bars.

McKenzie’s family doesn’t want one more year to go by without having the answers and closure they so desperately need.

“I’m on depression medicine, because of my brother’s death,” Mallory said. “What did my brother do to you to put eleven bullet holes in him? What did he really do to you?”

If you know who killed 34-year-old Tony McKenzie you are urged to call The West Memphis Police Department at (870)-732-4444. All calls are confidential.

The West Memphis Police Department is offering up $2,000 in cash for answers leading to charges in McKenzie’s murder.