MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A man has been charged after police say he intentionally set his mother’s house on fire on Monday.

Police said the incident began after 28-year-old Aarick Jennings threatened his mother by telling her that he would kill her by setting her house on fire.

Before he set the fire, Jennings damaged several windows around the house on Lucy Avenue in South Memphis, according to the crime report.

His mother was inside of the house and told police that she could hear glass being broken.

Investigators say Jennings ignited several items in the back of the house and then told his mom what he did.

The Memphis Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the home shortly after and extinguished the fire before it got out of control. Officers arrived minutes later and arrested Jennings after a brief chase.

Ms. Cooley, a neighbor who lives next door, said she heard part of the incident.

“I came out earlier because he was screaming and hollering and she was out trying to rake the leaves. All I know is I heard him say something about having to pay his mama the rent,” Cooley said. “I asked (his mother why he was screaming) and she says he has a mental issue.”

Jennings was charged with aggravated arson, vandalism, evading arrest, and domestic assault. His bond is set at $100,000.

WREG knocked on the door of the home to see if his mom was there but no one answered.