Man Sentenced For Seventh DUI

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(Memphis) Seven is considered a lucky number, but not when it’s the number of DUI arrests on your record.

It might shock some of you to hear just how many times he’s been in the back of a squad car, but not those who know how the system works.

Forty-three-year-old Jerald Young was more than four times the legal drinking limit the last time he was pulled over.

A blood sample showed he was point .33. Legally drunk in Tennessee is .08.

Kate Ritchie, West TN Affiliate, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, said, “I think you’re looking at an underlying alcohol addiction.”

Ritchie is glad Young is finally in prison.

After picking up his seventh DUI and pleading guilty to driving as an Habitual Motor Vehicle Offender he was sentenced to four years.

Ritchie suspects the seven DUIs don’t tell the entire story.

She said, “The average drunk driver offender drives drunk 80 times before their first arrest.”

DUI’s are not considered violent crimes in Tennessee, so Young will only have to serve 35 percent of his four-year sentence.

This means in less than a year and half, he could be set free, and if he continues to be a creature of habit, he may be driving again in a lane near you.

Ritchie said, “It’s by the grace of God actually that he hasn’t killed or injured anybody so he’s off the streets now and that’s something to be grateful for.”

Mothers Against Drunk Driving wants tougher sentencing laws and on a national level.

They’re pushing car manufacturers to install DUI ignition devices in cars before they even hit the showroom floor.

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