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(Memphis) Police say the robbery happened at the Marquis Apartments on Southern Avenue.

They say two men approached the pizza guy and said “give me your money and give me your pizza”.

Police say the robbers threatened to shoot the Domino’s delivery man if he didn’t hand over the goods.

So, the pizza guy gave up his 20 dollars, cell phone and the full pizza pie.

But apparently, police say, one of the robbers was only after a few slices.

“Oh my God. That’s crazy,” said Brittney Mathes, who lives at the Marquis Apartments.

Memphis police have arrested 19-year-old Tony Hamer for the crime.

Authorities say he admitted to planning the robbery and acting as a lookout in exchange for three slices of pizza.

“What? Three slices? Why?’ asked East Memphis Resident Hannah Rohrbacher.

 Whether Hamer was hungry or just out for some fast food, he now could serve up to fifteen years in prison.

 “Was three slices of pizza worth it?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“No. Not really. Three slices of pizza? Really?” asked Mathes.

 Hamer’s bond has been set at $5,000 and his next court appearance is July 25. 

In the meantime, police say they are still looking for the second robbery suspect in this case.