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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A dark cloud hovers over some businesses, now casting more shadows than Sunday’s already dreary weather.

“Learn how to walk away so we can prevent things like this from happening,” Beale Street visitor Freddie Johnson said.

Johnson says that’s all it takes: no fists, no fights or weapons, just people choosing to go their separate ways in peace.

“Some people don’t let things go.”

Police say holding on to things is exactly what caused an argument that started at a Beale Street bar to spew over to the Purple Haze nightclub, located not too far from the bar where the original sparks of anger flew earlier Saturday night.

Police say Joshua Patterson attacked the victim inside of the nightclub, stabbing him with a vaporizer repeatedly and then leaving the club and breaking out into a sprint once police caught up with him.

Police held Patterson at gunpoint before arresting him.

This isn’t the club’s first brush with crime; just last month a suspect was wanted in connection to a shooting right out side the club. In March a man was robbed and shot at the club, a trend Johnson hopes slows down.

“People get under the influence, people have different thoughts and sometimes its hard to let it go, but at the end of the day, this is a tourist attraction.”

And that Memphian just wants people to find a way to enjoy downtown and all it has to offer without ruining the experience for others.