MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The courtroom was ready, and the judge called the case, but Sherra Wright’s new attorney, who is handling her post conviction lawsuit was a no show.

“I do not know where the lawyer is. We have tried to get him here for the last hour and 15 minutes,” said Judge Lee Coffee.

Deborah Marion, who traveled to court from Mississippi to see just what would happen with the woman who helped plot her son’s murder, was stunned.

“How you can’t find a lawyer? Or his assistant? That is ludicrous,” said Marion. 

Sherra Wright was not in court. Her attorney, Roberto Garcia, was expected to give an update on her lawsuit .

In the lawsuit, Sherra accuses police of fabricating evidence and implicating her children in the murder. She also called her $20 million bond extremely high and unfair. She says her first attorneys Blake Ballin and Steve Farese Jr., concealed evidence and intimidated witnesses who would have testified on her behalf.  

Wright also says Farese put her family in danger with a secret meeting set up as an entrapment, to get information. Sherra said she did not want to take the plea deal her attorneys kept pushing.

She and those two attorneys soon parted ways.
“If your lawyer tells you to stop acting up and you still acting a fool, you think they are gonna be nice to you the next time they see you? They did what they were supposed to do. Bye,” says Marion.

Under a new attorney, Sherra did accept a plea deal that she now says was pressured.

Attorney Farese would not comment, and said Sherra’s claims are sad and baseless. Ballin agreed.

“During the phase where Mr. Farese and I represented her, we were both professional. We were prepared. We kept Mrs. Wright informed of everything that was going on and so any of the allegations that have been made public in this filing about our ineffectiveness about things that Mr. Farese or I said are just completely not true,” Ballin told WREG last month.

It’s not clear what happens if Sherra Wright’s conviction is overturned, but Lorenzen Wright’s mom plans to be there.

“I want a trial. Lord give her a trial. You gonna get what you deserve if you get your trial,” says Marion.

Deborah Marion supporters say they are trying to get the U.S. Attorney’s’ office involved in the case since Sherra Wright crossed state lines to Lorenzen’s home in Georgia, where she plotted to have him killed.

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