MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – Several public officials called for a curfew Wednesday night, fearing acts of retaliation across Memphis after rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed.

“Because of this loss tensions are high among people in the city and what we want to do is make sure people aren’t taking matters into their own hands and pushing more violent acts in response to what happened to Young Dolph,” Tennessee Rep. London Lamar of Memphis said.

“Whenever you have a well known, well-liked individual anywhere in the country being taken you’re always concerned about individuals responding in a negative fashion,” Memphis City Councilman JB Smiley said. “If there’s any type of inkling that retaliation is a possibility we have to put measures in place to protect people.”

Chief CJ Davis said a curfew wasn’t necessary Wednesday night with officers posted at key locations like Southeast Memphis restaurant “Prive”, which is owned by Yo Gotti, one of Young Dolph’s rival rappers. Chief Davis did encourage everyone who didn’t need to be out to stay home Wednesday night.

“Right now, we think the deployment of our officers in the specific areas that are impacted the most will be enough presence for tonight,” Chief Davis. said. “It doesn’t mean we won’t have a curfew at some point in time.”