MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Many in the rap community are calling for changes after the self-proclaimed King of Memphis, Young Dolph, was killed while buying cookies. 

The rap community is calling gun violence to end after Young Dolph was gunned down Wednesday evening. Tom Skeemask, a Memphis rapper, wants Dolph’s death to be a catalyst for change.

“I watched the young brother come from nothing and be successful and I couldn’t do nothing but respect it,” Skeemask said. “Now, let’s respect him and change this.”

Back in 2017, Young Dolph’s vehicle was shot up, and he was also injured in a shooting later that year in  California.  

In the past two weeks, Soulja Boy and Young Dolph exchanged words on social media. Their disagreement appeared to be over which artist was better. 

As MPD searches for those responsible for Dolph’s death, Skeemask wants to see everyone put their differences aside for the sake of the community.

“We gotta change this, if it don’t stop it’s go continue,” Skeemask said. “With me, it gotta stop. I got children, I got a grandchild, I don’t even want my grandchild to grow up in this city. Now that hurts.”

This week, the longtime Memphis artist is planning on hosting a forum for Mid-South rappers to come together to discuss ways to end ongoing feuds among artists.

“If we can’t stand together and show unity, it’s never go happen, and I need everybody to stand with us and unify this,” Skeemask said.

That forum is planned for Sunday at noon. MPD is asking anyone with information about Young Dolph’s death to come forward with information.