MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman is facing a serious charge after police say she threatened to shoot another woman outside an elementary school.

Tiana Carter

Investigators say Tiana Carter, 25, made that threat while dropping off her child for class outside Raleigh-Bartlett Meadows Elementary.

They say it all stemmed from road rage, and police say Carter made that threat with her daughter, anxious parents and their children right in front of her.

“She was just hollering and cursing and hollering and cursing,” said the victim in this case, who preferred not to be identified on camera. “She’s like, ‘You cut me off you B’.”

The woman says she told her 10-year-old grandson to run to class while Carter continued to make threats, but never produced a  gun.

Eventually a teacher who was supervising the drop off told the women to leave. But it appears the chaos only escalated.

Police say Carter followed the woman home.

“When I was driving up in the driveway she followed me and took out a gun, pointed it at me, and I was standing there like, what the, you know?”

She was baffled, then relieved when Carter decided to drive away.

“I thank God that she didn’t shoot me and I thank God that I left my purse at home, because I carry a weapon in my purse. It could have turned out bad.“

The incident happened September 24 but investigators didn’t track Carter down until a couple of days ago.

She’s now charged with aggravated assault.

“You know what, if she would go to anger management I wouldn’t even press charges on her,” the victim said. “I would forgive her, but she got to go get some help.”

The woman says Carter had a baby in her car during the incident. She’s due in court next week.