MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police have arrested a woman accused of forging her father’s signature, selling his house and stealing nearly $48,000 from him.

Clarissa Nicklos, 55, has been charged with forgery, identity theft and theft of property.

According to police, Nicklos’s father received a visit Tuesday from a representative of a company trying to assess his home on Delano Avenue. Police say the representative told Nicklos’s father Nicklos was selling the home to the company and they were “in the final processes of completing the sale.”

Memphis Police say Nicklos’s father and his niece, who police say has power of attorney, discovered Nicklos had filed a quit claim deed on the home.

Police say Nicklos’s father is undergoing cancer treatments. Nicklos reportedly took him to a location on Poplar Avenue & Highland Street and made him sign papers he thought were medical power of attorney forms.

Memphis Police say Nicklos then took her father with her to her residence in Phoenix, Arizona and cleared all of the money out of his bank accounts. Police say there are currently open cases in Phoenix related to this accusation.

Nicklos’s father and his niece reportedly got a copy of the quit claim deed and found two forged signatures on it. Police say Nicklos’s father claimed to have never seen the deed before and had no recollection of signing it.

Police say Nicklos’s father lost a total of $47,600.

Nicklos was arrested Wednesday. She is expected to be in court Monday.