MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In what was supposed to be a time to celebrate all that’s good about Whitehaven, one of its Black-owned businesses had to close its doors for the day due to a break-in.

The owners of Muggin Coffeehouse posted a message on their Instagram that there was a break-in early Friday morning, but no was there and no one was hurt.

While a WREG crew was at Muggin, staff at the neighboring Red Hook Seafood were opening for the day when they learned the business was broken into as well.

WREG obtained surveillance video that shows suspects using a crowbar to get inside, damaging the door in the process. They don’t believe anything major was taken but immediately called police, who came to take their report.

Police have not said if they believe the two are connected or if it’s the same people, but a WREG crew saw officers at both businesses Friday morning.

V Ethel Patterson stopped by Muggin Coffeehouse Friday morning to drop off flyers for a weekend prayer event when she learned they were closed. She was disappointed when she found out why.

“I think it’s devastating when we’re trying to grow together, making a difference within the community, doing something different, being visible in the community, making a change in the community and for this to happen,” Patterson said.

The owners of Muggin posted an updated message Friday afternoon, thanking the community for its support and saying they plan to reopen Saturday.