MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Plans are in the works for some major projects across the Mississippi River in West Memphis, Arkansas.

Residents in West Memphis are expected to vote in February whether they support a 1-cent tax for $35 million worth of development, including a water park, the largest sports complex in the state and a new police department building.

“This is a project that the people of West Memphis have to improve their quality of life,” Mayor McClendon said. “This project addresses senior citizens, our children as well as public safety and economic development.”

Pictures show a water park with an indoor competition pool and a kiddie pool, along with along with the biggest sports complex in the state of Arkansas, hosting four basketball courts and auditorium with volleyball courts.

The goal, said Mayor Marco McClendon, is to improve the quality for the people of West Memphis by capitalizing on the thousands of vehicles that pass through the city each day.

“These things are what we need to make our city grow,” McClendon said. “In order for a city to move, you can’t just stand around and hope for things to happen. You have to make things happen.”

Seventy-five percent of the proposed 1-cent tax would sunset, McClendon said. The rest would fund emergency and ambulance services.

“West Memphis is a growing city,” Mayor McClendon said. “It needs the proper medical personnel to be able to make sure the people of West Memphis are healthy if they need medical attention.”