MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A suspect in two shootings that left semi-trucks riddled with bullets on Interstate 55 in Crittenden County, Arkansas was caught Wednesday night, law enforcement said.

The Crittenden County Sheriff’s Department said David Allen Jackson, 29, was taken into custody. He was arrested in a joint effort with the West Memphis Police Department.

Jackson was identified as the man caught on camera leaning out of the window of a dark blue Chevy Malibu and firing several shots at a passing 18-wheeler July 2.

That shooting happened near the Bridgeport exit on I-55, as the truck approached the bridge to Memphis. Arkansas authorities were alerted after the trucking company downloaded camera footage from the truck showing the shooting.

We are told Jackson knew one of the officers at the West Memphis Police Department and actually called and said he wanted to turn himself in. But his surrender wasn’t that simple.

The Crittenden County Sheriff says the video of Jackson firing shots on the interstate was shared thousands of times. Soon, West Memphis Police were on Jackson’s trail, showing up at an apartment he is believed to share another person.

The Crittenden County Sheriff says Jackson was there but took off before he could be arrested. But the car he was believed to have been in when the shooting happened was found at the apartment.

Jackson was also wanted in an earlier shooting involving an 18-wheeler that happened in the same spot on May 19, Crittenden County authorities said.

In that case, the driver was shot multiple times. The driver was able to describe the suspect, and told police he was driving a dark blue Chevy Malibu.

Authorities said Jackson lives in the West Memphis, Arkansas area and is known to frequent Memphis, Tennessee.

Our cameras were there as West Memphis police led Jackson out of a police vehicle.

West Memphis Police lead David Allan Jackson out of a police vehicle Wednesday evening.

Jackson is charged with a terroristic threat/shooting that causes physical injury, unlawful discharge of a firearm from a vehicle and a firearms possession charge, according to Crittenden County jail information.

The Crittenden County Sheriff’s Department has recovered the Chevrolet Malibu.

We have also learned he was already wanted in Shelby County for an armed robbery charge. 

Jackson will be in West Memphis District Court Friday morning at 9:30.