MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men are facing charges after police reportedly caught them with drugs and weapons on the University of Memphis campus.

Randarius Harris and Patrick Worship are facing several charges, including unlawful possession of a weapon, carrying weapons on school property, and possession of a controlled substance.

According to police, detectives were conducting a plainclothes operation Wednesday night near Perkins & Cottonwood when one of the detectives spotted a car sitting on the Z Market parking lot. Police say the detective saw what seemed to be “a hand-to-hand transaction consistent with drug sales” by those in and around the car.

Police say the detectives followed the car once it pulled off of the parking lot. The detectives reportedly followed the car until officers in marked police cars could get to the area and pull the car over.

Police say the detectives saw the car run a red light at Perkins & I-240 and followed the car until it stopped at DeSoto Avenue and State on the University of Memphis campus.

Memphis Police say more officers made the scene and approached the car. According to police, officers smelled a “strong odor” of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Officers detained everyone in the car, which included Harris, Worship and two other men. Police say an officer found a blunt in the floor board of the front passenger seat, where Worship was sitting. According to police, officers also found a clear glass jar that contained a “green leafy substance consistent with marijuana.”

Police say officers also found a black handgun in car and discovered it had been reported stolen. Police searched Harris for weapons and found another black handgun and a pink handgun in his backpack. Memphis Police say the other black handgun had also been reported stolen.

The University of Memphis campus police made the scene to assist, and Harris and Worship were placed under arrest.

Police say the two other men were released.