MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Tennessee Supreme Court is set to hear a Memphis-based murder case Wednesday.

In 2011 a judge sentenced a then-24-year-old Tommie Phillips to life in prison after he was found guilty of a brutal murder. A jury convicted him of murder, multiple counts of kidnapping, two counts of attempted murder as well as rape.

Following his conviction, Phillips said he had ineffective counsel.

Read the Appeals Court ruling in this case.

The gruesome crimes go back to 2008 to the 1200 block of Faxon in the Crosstown area. Reporting from The Commercial Appeal says trial testimony revealed Phillips’ crimes lasted more than an hour. 

Inside a home, an 85-year-old woman was bound and strangled, while her 57-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted and stabbed by Phillips.

Another man at the home, who said he knew Phillips, was also stabbed several times.

Phillips did not testify in the trial but told investigators he went to the home because the man owed him money for a shotgun. A fight broke out. The man told detectives Phillips owed him money for marijuana. 

An 11-page appeal was filed on behalf of Phillips this past February.

According to records, Phillips initially admitted to investigators he stabbed two of the victims but said he acted in self-defense.

He then invoked his right to an attorney and the police interview stopped. But later, once police obtained a 48-hour hold and booked him in jail and was given his Miranda warning, he gave a more complete statement admitting to the crimes.

After his conviction, Phillips sought post-conviction relief, alleging ineffective counsel, including his attorney’s failure to challenge the admission of his statement based on Fourth Amendment Rights. 

Phillips’ case and another case are set to be heard for oral arguments Wednesday morning. They will be livestreamed on the Tennessee Court’s YouTube page.