NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee’s General Assembly will address funding, buildout and oversight of a campus east of Memphis where Ford plans to build pickup trucks.

Monday, at the beginning of a special legislative session, Gov. Bill Lee introduced two pieces of legislation related to the project that will go before the Tennessee General Assembly.

Ford and South Korean battery maker SK Innovation formally announced the Blue Oval City project last month.

SB 8002/HB 8002 will address the approval of appropriations to incentivize and complete the Megasite. Additional funding will provide for infrastructure and improvements to support regional growth including:

  • $500 million capital grant (ECD)
  • State to build, own and operate $40 million TCAT to strengthen Tennessee’s workforce (TBR)
  • State to build, own and operate water and wastewater systems to serve the Megasite (DGS)
  • State to build second interchange on I-40 to improve traffic flow and support population growth (TDOT)

SB 8001/HB 8001 will create the Megasite Authority of West Tennessee to provide the services necessary for the operation and development of the Megasite. Key highlights of the development of the Authority include:

  • The Authority will be established and administratively attached to the Department of General Services
  • Purpose of the Authority is to develop, operate, manage, incentivize and promote the Megasite
  • The Authority will be governed by a seven-member board of directors

The electric F-series trucks will be built at the $5.6 billion Memphis Regional Megasite industrial complex.

Tennessee has offered $500 million in incentives to help secure the project, which is expected to create about 5,800 new jobs. Those incentives must be approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature.