CRITTENDEN COUNTY, Ark. – – A pair of thieves stole a whole bunch of stuff from multiple businesses in Marion, Arkansas overnight Friday, according to Crittenden County deputies.

Investigators said the thieves broke into “Tony’s Auto Sales” on Bob Taylor Road, took one of the business’s trailers, loaded it with tools, hitched it to one of the shop’s cars and then drove off with that vehicle and two others.

However, they didn’t get far once the shop’s owner got to work and realized what happened.

Chief Todd Grooms with the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office said one of the vehicles had a GPS tracking system in it and the owner pinged it’s location to Opal Road near Earle.

“Fortunately, for us and them one of the vehicles, a Chrysler 200, had a GPS tracking system in it and they were able to ping the location of where it was at,” Grooms said. “Our deputies quickly responded to that area.”

They found the cars, trailer and two motorcycles that had also been stolen from a Marion business near Bob Taylor Road.

Deputies arrested 18-year-old Matthew Hudson and 28-year-old Marcellous Leach, a convicted felon who investigators said was in possession of a stolen firearm.

Doug Sutter runs an auto shop right next to Tony’s.

“Both of them are young guys. It’s a shame they done ruined their life already,” he said. “I’m glad they didn’t hit me for anything.”

Leach and Hudson are charged with theft. Investigators are searching for other men they believe were involved.

“We do expect more arrests to follow,” Grooms said. “It’s very sad where we now live in a society where you have to lock everything up and make sure it’s secure. Hopefully, you have cameras and, in this case, it was a blessing they had GPS on the vehicle.”

A go-cart was also stolen but investigators haven’t found it. WREG will let you know if they do and if more arrests are made.