MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are investigating a string of car break-ins in the Wolfchase area.

According to Memphis Police crime statistics, there have been at least 16 car break-ins in the Wolfchase area since October 1.

Some have been at Wolfchase Galleria but most have been at The Commons shopping center across the street.

Based on police reports, most of the break-ins involve three to five men operating under cover of darkness, smashing windows and grabbing items like cell phones. It’s alarming news to shoppers like James Johnson.

“It just hurts people,” Johnson said. “People trying to earn an honest living and someone comes and snatches it away.”

In at least three cases, guns were stolen and in some instances nothing was taken. It’s unclear if the break-ins are connected or if police have made any arrests.

Memphis Police and Bartlett Police are now working together to cut down on car thefts and car break-ins across both cities. 

We reached out to Wolfchase Galleria and “The Commons” for comment but haven’t heard back from either.