NOTE: This story has been edited to reflect new information from the Tate County Sheriff’s Office regarding the number of people killed in this wreck. The corrected number of victims is below.

TATE COUNTY, Miss. — Three teenagers are dead and one injured after a fatal car crash on a north Mississippi road Saturday evening.

Edward Wilson says he can’t erase the image of what he saw in the front yard of his home on East Tate Road in Tate County.

Wilson was watching tv shortly before 7 when he heard a loud boom. He thought it was thunder but to his shock that “boom” was the sound of a Toyota Camry crashing onto his lawn.

The crash killed three occupants: 18-year-old driver Kemarion Ja’Juan Bogan, a 17-year-old male, and a 15-year-old female; 18-year-old Adrianna Hamilton was badly injured in the wreck.

Wilson says one of his neighbors watched the fatal crash unfold.

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“He said that he had seen the car coming down the road and he said it started ‘fishtailing’ some. He said as soon as it hit the edge of my driveway, it became airborne and it struck this tree over here and it landed in my yard. All four wheels facing upward,” Wilson said.

He says that same neighbor rushed over to help get one of the victims out of the mangled wreckage.

Another passenger died within a few feet of his house.

Cardell Phillips is a relative of one of the victims and says the family is suffering.

“I talked to the father the same night it happened. It’s a rough thing man, you know, for the family,” Phillips said. “I hate it. I hate it man cause I has children … you know. I just hate it.”