MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Piles of storm debris are piling up in Orange Mound because volunteers have been hard at work.

Wayne Hayslett, owner of L&M Tree Service, and a crew have been cutting up trees and clearing driveways to let people impacted by the bad weather get back to normal.

“A lot of people don’t have the funds, and tree work can be quite expensive,” Hayslett said. “Either they have to wait to get some help or for somebody to come through, but me I can just come right on in.”

A woman on Laurel in Orange Mound was killed Saturday when a tree fell on her home.

Several other large trees fell throughout the neighborhood as storms moved through the area.

A tree is toppled over in front of a house in Orange Mound.

Keith Leachman with ‘Stop the Killing Cut the Beef’ helped rally the troops and was grilling hotdogs for them on Douglas Monday night.

Keith Leachman with ‘Stop the Killing Cut the Beef’ feeds the crew as they clear the damage.

He said neighbors were already worried about the blight around them, and the bad weather made it worse.

“Some of the blighted houses did get damaged. We are trying to get demolition and tear them down,” said Leachman.

The city said it couldn’t go on private property and clean up the storm damage around vacant or abandoned houses.

Hayslett’s crew removed a tree that fell on top of one of the vacant houses and cleared the lot next to it.

Leachman said they are the boots on the ground trying to make the area better and safer for families.

“The city has got their hands tied. That’s where we come in to let us be a support system for this community,” Leachman said.

Leachman said those who still need help with the cleanup can call (901)-503-4114.