SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. – – Shelby County residents and Memphis city officials are preparing for another round of winter weather with freezing temperatures, rain and possibly snow this weekend.

Germantown Hardware was packed with customers Friday. Faucet covers, shovels, scrapers, deicer and bags of ice melt were flying off the shelves.

“Just trying to be prepared,” customer Andy Turpin said.

“We had one guy who bought 15 bags of (ice melt),” Asst. Manager Brian Reed said.

Area grocery stores were also busy Friday.

“Stuff like diet coke was gone,” shopper Tony Page said. “Peanut butter was gone. There were shortages of bread, crackers.”

MLGW is putting crews on standby to handle power outages while city crews in public works prepare to salt roads.

“Knowing that there’s a good chance based on the current forecast that we’re going to have rain changing into snow,” Memphis Public Works Director Robert Knecht said. “We’re going to staff our snow and ice operations late Saturday night so crews are ready to get out, start driving, inspect the routes, checking our bridges and overpasses so we can make sure they’re open and safe for public transportation.”

City officials are asking residents to stay in if they can but if you need to go out, be careful.

“I always say be a smart, defensive driver. That means driving slower, giving yourself additional time, distance. It doesn’t hurt for people to have an emergency response kit in their car,” Knecht said. “Having a blanket, some water and snacks along with a flashlight.”

City crews normally like to pre-treat roads but they say they can’t do that this weekend because the initial rain we’re getting will wash away the salt mix.