MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It was an emotional morning for students, parents, staff and even district leaders after a 13-year-old boy was shot at Cummings K-8 School.

Emotions ran high as panicked parents and guardians stood in the rain for hours trying to get answers. Parents had to pick their children up from nearby Metropolitan Baptist Church after all students were evacuated from the school.

Shelby County School leaders were there and watched parents hold their child tightly, trying to calm them down.

“Just seeing those parents walk up to those students, to their baby’s and hug them,” said Shante Avant, District 6 representative for the Shelby County Board of Education. “One little girl just hugged on her mom’s leg. You can see the fear in their eyes.”

Officials say they just had shooter training earlier this month and procedures were followed. The school resource officer contacted police, the school went on lockdown, and they safely moved students to the nearby church.

 Superintendent Joris Ray met with parents at the church. Ray said it’s time the community comes together, to take a closer look at our laws and figure out how a student was able to get a gun.

“We should be talking about reading. We should be talking about math. We should be talking about learning opportunities for students,” Ray said. “Again, I ask the community and everyone to come together.”

Ray isn’t the only one calling for action. Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris said we have to address gun violence, and Tennessee Rep. Karen Camper called on passing sensible gun laws.