MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People who live at a Whitehaven apartment complex say rats have taken over.

Several people who live at the Mill Creek Apartments in Whitehaven reached out to us for help. They say rats have taken over their complex, finding a home near the trash area spreading from there into some apartments.

We spoke with one tenant who didn’t want to show her face out of fear of retaliation, but she described what it’s like driving through her complex at night.

“It’s very frustrating. It’s sad that you come home, and you have company come over and before they even reach your home a whole gang of rats,” she said. “They’re just hanging around the trash and it’s like a whole family of them roaming around the apartments, and they’re big, like really huge.”

That has her wondering why they are living this way.

She says she’s made multiple attempts to reach the leasing office through phone, email and visit to no avail.

“I feel like they don’t care about their tenants, but they want rent on time every month and I don’t feel like that’s right. Nobody should be living like that,” she said.

We went to the leasing office for answers. No one came to the door, but shortly after, a man who says he works in maintenance walked up.

“We got nothing to say about no rats,” the man said before asking us to leave. “We not answering no questions. We are doing what we can about it.”

We sent an email to property management and have yet to hear back. We also reached to the city and are now helping tenants contact the appropriate departments for help.

The city says code enforcement will be inspecting this property. We saw an inspector there earlier Monday.