MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A former Memphis property manager has been charged with stealing thousands of dollars that should’ve gone to rent from his own tenants and he’s not just a property manager–he’s a pastor.

Jera Moran took over as property manager of the Washington Manor Apartments in South Memphis last year.

She said while reviewing the financial books, she discovered concerning inconsistencies.

Through an investigation, she said they found former property manager Antonio Woodard would accept residents rent payments and then cash it for himself.

“The easiest way for him to do it was for him to make a copy of a residents money order and then he would fill out the copy and make another copy and give the resident the copy of it,” Moran said.

Court documents say the apartment lost more than $20,000.

Woodard has since been arrested and charged with Theft and Forgery.

He’s also the pastor at Livin Purpose Christian Church in Cordova.

As this unfolds in the legal system, Moran says she’s had to deal with frustrated residents with account balances for rent they paid–many of them doing so on a fixed income.

“For Tony to do this to people that he knows the situation that they were in and how much money that they do or don’t make is extremely disheartening,” she said.

She said sadly this is a common breach of trust so do what you can to avoid this happening to you.

“First and foremost never give a blank money order to anyone, they need to be filled out to the payer,” she said.

As she continues to sort through financial documents and rebuild that trust, Moran hopes Woodard is fully prosecuted.

“For him to have done it to these residents there’s a special place in hell for him,” she said.

WREG reached Mr. Woodard by phone Tuesday. He said he needed to consult with his lawyers before issuing a statement.

As for the residents impacted, the company wrote off all their debts.