Profanity-laced political flag denouncing President Biden stirs controversy in Tennessee town


Munford mayor says flag vulgar, but protected speech

MUNFORD, Tenn. — A political flag in the small town of Munford, Tennessee is stirring controversy by using foul language to denounce President Joe Biden and those who voted for him.

The flag reads, “(expletive) Biden and (expletive) you for voting for him.”

Mayor Dwayne Cole says he’s received several complaints about the flag since it went up at least a month ago. He says the city attorney looked into it and determined the homeowner has every right to fly the flag.

“It’s vile. It’s vulgar. It’s protected speech under the Constitution,” Cole said. “If I had the authority to make him take it down, I would definitely do that.”

The city does have an ordinance regulating campaign signs but, according to the mayor, that doesn’t apply here because it’s a political flag on someone’s porch, not an actual campaign sign in their yard.

Cole claims he met with the homeowner who told him he has no intention of taking it down.

“That’s where we stand,” Cole said.

The homeowner also has a pro Trump flag with profanity on it. City officials say that flag is also protected under the Constitution.

We saw some residents drive by and praise the flag. We walked up to the house and asked the homeowner’s wife if he’d be willing to talk with us, but she told us he didn’t want to.

Jay DeWitt lives near the home the flag flies outside of on Corbitt Drive. He says he doesn’t care about the politics but does take issue with the profanity.

“If it said (expletive) Trump I would have the same problem,” he said. “I have children. I have two children. We have a lot of children in that community. The kids can see it.”

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