MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A woman faces several charges, including child abuse and neglect, after police say she chased down her boyfriend and slammed into him with an unrestrained baby in the backseat of her vehicle.

Tierney Crawford was arrested after she followed her ‘on again off again boyfriend’ Casey Johnson to the Tillman Police Station early Monday morning.

Casey’s mother Jaqueline Clear said her son called her and told her Crawford was after him. She told him to go to the police station.

“He called and said, mom, call the police, please call the police. Tierany is trying to kill me,” said Clear. “I heard the car. She tore up his car.”

Memphis police said Johnson was headed to his mom’s house on Faxon when he realized Crawford was chasing him.

Police said cameras at Holmes Street and Summer Avenue show she struck Johnson from behind which caused both vehicles to go airborne.

Johnson said Crawford continued to follow him, lost control at a curve, and intentionally hit him again.

Police said the chase ended when they both pulled into the Tillman Police Station.

Investigators said they found the couple’s 9-month-old baby in the back seat of Crawford’s car and the child was not in a car seat. The baby was not hurt in the crash, but was placed in the custody of another relative.

“I’ve been telling police this girl is trying to kill my son and me,” said Clear.

In April, Crawford was charged with aggravated assault after Crawford told police she swerved her car toward her sidewalk like she was going to hit her.

Court records show she was charged with harassment in August after Clear told police she showed up at her home and threatened to fight her.

Clear said in October, Crawford actually drove her car into her yard and tried to hit her and her son, but so far, Crawford has not been charged with anything.

“That girl needs to be locked up,” said Clear.

In March of 2020, Crawford was arrested after police said she tried to run down several people at the KFC on Jackson Avenue.

Investigators said Crawford punched a 13-year-old girl and threw a 14-year-old girl to the ground before hitting their mother’s car.

She was charged with five counts of aggravated assault.

This time she is locked up on a $50,000 bond. She will make her first appearance before a judge on the new charges Tuesday.