MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mom was charged for allegedly waving a gun and threatening to shoot during a fight on school grounds.

Police say on Aug. 31, a large fight broke out as classes were getting out at Kipp Memphis Collegiate School on Howell Avenue in North Memphis.

The principal and assistant principal were attempting to break up the students when Armanda Flowers, a mother of one of the students, got out of her car.

Police said Flowers pulled a black handgun from her purse, chambered a round and began waving it toward the ground while yelling, “Y’all better stop or I’ll start shooting!”

School leaders say she was on school property near a large group of students. 

Police say Flowers then got back in her van and left with her children but witnesses took down her license plate information.

Investigators say she returned a short time later, without the gun, in different clothes and a different vehicle.

Flowers, 41, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and carrying a weapon on school property.

A spokesperson with the school tells us they notified parents immediately after the event, saying in part, “We are deeply committed to the safety of all our students and everyone at KIPP Memphis Collegiate High. No one was injured, and all students and staff on campus sheltered-in-place until the incident was resolved.”

The school spokesperson also said they continue to collaborate with the Memphis Police Department as they continue to investigate the incident.