MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police crisscrossed the city while responding to several accidents overnight. One of those accidents involved a Memphis Police officer.

Memphis Police say an officer investigating a crash in the 6000 block of Winchester found himself in harm’s way when a passing driver rear ended his police cruiser. Police say the officer was standing outside of his car at the time of the crash, and he was not injured.

Memphis Police tell us the driver that struck the officer’s car stayed on the scene and was cited for failure to devote full time/attention while driving.

This accident comes on the heels of a deadly collision two weeks ago that claimed the life of Officer Darrell Adams. The five-year veteran was struck and killed by the driver of an 18-wheeler along I-40 near North Watkins.

Just as the sun was coming up, another vehicle was being loaded up onto a tow truck following another wreck.

The wreck happened along Lamar Avenue at Prescott Road. Police say the driver plowed into a utility pole, causing it to snap. Memphis Police say the driver left the scene before detectives arrived, leaving behind broken glass and other debris.

James White has called the Westwood area home for decades and says South Third Street can be at any time on any day.

“I have been over here 45 years,” White said. “From that end to down at that end, it’s an accident mostly everyday.”

When it comes to the rules of the road. and defensive driving, White says we all have a vital part to play, every time we choose to get behind the wheel.

“Get off that phone, don’t drink and drive, and slow it down,” White said.