PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — A Panola County Prosecuting Attorney used a decades old state code to label a mobile home near Sardis a public nuisance and have its occupant evicted.

Panola County Sheriff Shane Phelps said his deputies have frequently been called to investigate criminal activity in front of a mobile home at 26 Willow Road.

The address is just beyond the jurisdiction of the Sardis Police Department, but the location is very well-known to Panola County Deputies.

Sheriff Phelps says it got so bad residents would beg for the Sheriff’s help to stop the violence, drug use and gunfire happening almost daily.

“People would walk up to us and tell us they’re scared to walk from their living room to the bedroom or the kitchen to the bedroom. They’re scared a bullet is going to come through their window,” he said.

Phelps reached out to Panola County Prosecuting Attorney Gaines Baker who applied a decades old Mississippi Nuisance Code originally used during Prohibition as well as Code violations regarding use and possession of controlled substances.

On November 3rd, a Panola County Chancery Court Judge agreed the mobile home property was a public nuisance and ordered the occupant to vacate the property by 5 p.m. the same day.

He also ruled that neither occupant Rhonda Walls nor any other person can rent or gather at the address.

We asked a number of residents in the mobile home community about their concerns over criminal activity at the address, but no one wanted to go on camera.

One homeowner showed us two bullet holes in one of his vehicles, but said he was concerned for his safety and a “tv interview wasn’t worth risking his life for.”

No one was able to tell WREG where the woman who lived at the mobile home moved to and we were unable to locate the owner.

A hearing on whether the address will remain classified as a public nuisance is set for January.