MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Jimmy Stovall has been working at Corky’s Barbecue for over 27 years, and recently he’s taken on a new role at the business: as one of the owners.

Stovall started at the drive-thru, made his way to server, assistant manager then full manager. Eventually, he helped open the Cordova and Collierville locations. Now, he’s one of the owners of Corky’s Barbecue.

He says his dreams were achieved one step at a time, all while keeping a positive attitude.

Stovall credits the people around him with helping him build those skills and gain experience.

He said that Corky’s business philosophy has always puts an emphasis on treating customers and employees like family.

Stovall grew up in the business culture that is Corky’s. Stovall said that some of the pit masters and some managers have been working more than 25 years, which is incredible for restaurant employees.

He said that he’s so grateful so many people helped him, and they were instrumental in his professional development.

Stovall has big plans for the future and expanding Corky’s reach both at home and globally.

He said his focus is geared towards concentrating on quality and consistency in all restaurants, food, and shipping facilities. He wants to maintain the same comfort level and trust with customers that Corky’s is known for.

In addition to Stovall wanting to maintain those quality experiences, he plans to grow the retail footprint and shipping business as well.