MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Detectives said two men were discovered dead inside an SUV in South Memphis early Sunday morning that was eventually hauled away, but what remains are those mixed feelings of anger, frustration and sadness additional families are now having to navigate through.

It has been an extremely busy year for Memphis Police. With two months still to go this year, the department has investigated countless violent attacks including hundreds of homicides.

Detectives said the number of homicides as of last weekend was 259. Unfortunately, there have been more killings since then.

Neighbors said what happened Sunday is disturbing on many levels. It happened in broad daylight on Halloween. Another reason as to why those living nearby said they are desperate to stop the epidemic of gun violence.

Annie Walker lives near LaClede Avenue and S. Wellington Street where police spent hours investigating the shooting. She said she has lived there for more than half a century.

Last month marked 10 years since Ms. Walker lost her 34-year-old son, Marcus Martin to gun violence. Seeing the crime scene tape, flashing blue lights and investigators on the move brought up memories Ms. Walker would rather forget.

“I lost my son in 2011. He was shot and killed. I think about my son everyday of my life, I can’t sleep.. because I think about him all night,” she said. “Enough is enough. It’s too much. They need to stop. It needs to come to an end. They need to put the guns down. You will never get over it…that’s a feeling that will be with you until the day you die.”

No arrests have been made at this time. If you know anything that could help detectives, call Crime Stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.