MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Frustrations are brewing for Raleigh neighbors after a beloved community member was killed Wednesday in a fatal car accident along Raleigh-Lagrange Road.

It’s a stretch of roadway that neighbors describe as dangerous, and they are hoping that the city or police department steps in to address what they believe is an ongoing problem.

Just off Raleigh-Lagrange road, you will find Avery Park Apartments, where neighbors have been on the frontline of several car accidents over the years.

Wednesday a man died after being involved in a head-on collision as he was pulling out the complex onto Raleigh Lagrange road. His death leaves many in community shaken.

“I am angry and I’m sad, both at the same time, because someone lost their life, and it was someone that I knew (was) just trying to make a hard living out here,” said Angela Green, manager at the Avery Park Apartments.

It has gotten to the point where Green has to leave the gates open to prevent traffic from backing up near the gate to avoid accidents. One neighbor we spoke with says it’s gotten so bad she’s considering moving.

“I don’t feel like there is not enough safety measures coming out these apartments,” Hopson said. “The apartments are great but you just have to think about when you leave.”

Residents says at the end of day, they just want to prevent another tragedy from unfolding right before their eyes and hope that someone hears their cry.

“They’re doing like 80-plus coming down this straight away right way,” Hopson said. “I just think the city needs to do something about that. It probably will save lives.”

We reached out to MPD about Wednesday’s crash and they say there is no indication that speeding was a factor in the wreck. When asked about plans to address speeding concerns in the area, they didn’t comment on the subject. 

“I wish we could get someone to help us, because we need some, I mean, a speed trap or flashing lights something to help us slow down that traffic just in this area,” Green said.