SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — As the Mid-South braces for winter weather, officials in Mississippi are preparing for the chance of snow and ice.

Officials in DeSoto County said they are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, and it’s all hands on deck in DeSoto County as crews anticipate a winter weather in the near future.

Christie Barclay, Community Resource Director for DeSoto County, said a major challenge will be trouble spots prone to becoming slick.

“Right now, we are pre-treating some of our bridges, Barclay said.  “Our main concern is the rain is supposed to start around midnight and switch to ice.”

She’s urging everyone to stay off the roads overnight if possible, and for drivers to monitor the county’s social media and other platforms for updates.

“Overnight, the road crews, the supervisors, sheriff’s department and EMA folks will be out on the roads actually surveying conditions,” Barclay said.

With the chance of freezing rain and snow, Southaven Supply, a family-owned hardware store said they’ve seen an uptick in sales.

“The last few days we’ve been selling a lot of faucet covers,” Kerry Loosier, Owner, Southaven Supply told us.

When it comes to severe winter weather, store owner Kerry Loosier said it’s best to keep your cabinets open and if temps get low enough leave the water running.

“If you don’t do those things your water will freeze and then you’ll need heaters and heat lamps to thaw it out and as it expands some of them can burst then you’ve got to fix your pipes,” Loosier said.

Again, the county said if you don’t have to be out in the cold conditions, stay inside.